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Strategic Water Resources (SWR) was founded with a singular focus; to provide chemical free, energy efficient and environmentally sound water treatment solutions.

SWR provides advanced, chemical additive free water purification/treatment solutions. Our proprietary NeptuneCF modular purification system is the most efficient apparatus for the mitigation of biological, organic and chemical contaminants. Due to NeptuneCF’s advanced oxygenation technology, it uses only 20% of the electrical energy of the nearest competing device, per volume of water treated.

Additional components may include:

  • Pretreatment for turbidity by various means as opposed to high maintenance filtration media
  • Electric coagulation
  • Removal of dissolved inorganics, such as salt, by membrane based technologies.

Our systems are designed for specific customer needs, aiming to maximize efficiency while minimizing capital and operating costs. Each client engagement begins with a thorough analysis of the water source and the exact output purity needs. Output purity requirements are varied: fit for municipal treatment, fit for discharge into water course, potable water, or purification for specific application or ingredient. After the analysis, our engineers will propose a system to do the job. Once it is approved, our real work begins. We assemble the system in our facility from the most efficient and cost effective components. We then test it and run it with the customer’s source water. We have the capability of bringing in hundreds of gallons for this stage of the process. When everybody is satisfied with the system’s performance, we break it down and re-assemble it onsite, run it and re-prove its performance. Onsite service is available from SWR for the life of the system. Contact us to find out how we can help with your water treatment needs.

SWR is uniquely positioned to capitalize on global water industry growth potential, insuring positive economic, as well as environmentally sustainable results for our clients.


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