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SWR’s NeptuneCF Technology-

We are NOT your typical OZONE TECHNOLOGY company…

Our NeptuneCF Ozonation technology is a Patent Pending process combining several proprietary hardware components that improve upon the state-of-the art by dramatically lowering input power requirements for ozone production, as well as improving the volumetric efficiency of the crucial gas-fluid interface.  NeptuneCF is a Chemical-Free process, so it is environmentally sound.

NeptuneCF utilizes singlet oxygen (O1)  along with ozone (O3) and related by-product radicals to neutralize biological pathogen agents and prepare complex inorganic molecules for downstream depolymerization by breaking carbon-nitrogen bonds, all without injecting any chemicals.

A high concentration of reactive O1 gas is produced by our proprietary electrical discharge ozonator and is then injected into the fluid stream via our patented manifold and contact chamber piping circuit. This circuit includes passive mechanical devices to increase fluid cavitation, further enhancing the chemical reactions involved. The injected O1 reacts in solution with the fluid as it flows down this circuit, reducing in part to form ozone (O3) and radicals such as hydrogen peroxy (HO2) and hydroxyl (OH) . These are all strong virucides and oxidants which will disinfect via several mechanisms, including cell wall disintegration (cell lysis).

Our base Water Purification System, the SWR50 Module, processes 50,000 gallons of water per day (4.65 cfm) on a duty cycle basis.  Multiple units can be configured to accomodate increased flow rates, operational redundancy and scalability based on processing requirements. The SWR50’s portability assures that it can be quickly deployed and integrated into a system as needed. Larger flow rate units are in the design stages.

Remote networking is implemented via PLC sensors to monitor and diagnose the systems operations globally. Our PLC System monitors Performance and Water Quality in real time via imagery from an on-stream microscopic camera; this imagery is translated into output data via sophisticated algorithms.

The entire customized solution can be provided world-wide with on-site installation assistance where needed, as well as training, and regular maintenance. Where the client has multiple installations, we can train the client’s staff  to handle installation and maintenance. Our alternative energy expertise allows us to design, specify and build solar/wind energy systems to provide clean power in remote areas, or supplement existing grid power.

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